Glenn Adamo

Ivanhoe Media & Entertainment, Principal

Tom Ash

Speechmatics, Speech Recognition Director

Dave Belding

LiveU, Sales Director, Sports

Eric Black

NBC Sports Digital and Playmaker Media, CTO

Brad Boim

NFL Media, Senior Director, Post Production and Asset Management

Carol Boyle

ESPN, Senior Creative Director, Creative and Studio Direction

Bryan Bray

Ross Video, Project Manager and ARVS Production Specialist

Chris Brown

Turner Sports, Senior Director, Technical Operations

Tab Butler

MLB Network, Senior Director, Media Management and Post Production

Jeff Byle

Fox Sports Detroit, Executive Producer

Mary Ellen Carlyle

Dome Productions, SVP and GM

Brad Cheney

Fox Sports, VP, Field Operations and Engineering

Brendan Cline

BeckTV, Director of Engineering

Jason Cohen

CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network, VP, Remote Technical Operations

Michael Davies

Fox Sports, SVP, Technical and Field Operations

Charlie Ebersol

AAF, Co-Founder and CEO

Ron Eligator

Acoustic Distinctions, Principal

Michael Francis

CBS Sports, VP, Remote Engineering and Planning

Rich Gadomski

FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., VP, Marketing, Commercial Products

Philip Garvin

Mobile TV Group, Founder and CEO

Nick Garvin

Mobile TV Group, Chief Operating Officer

Anne Graham

Turner Sports Library, Assistant Manager of Media Management

Scott Griffin

Diversified, SVP Engineering

Mark Hilton

Grass Valley, VP, Live Production

Joop Janssen

Aperi, CEO

Robert Jordan CVE

Industry Consultant

Ken Kerschbaumer

SVG, Co-Executive Director, Editorial Services

Mark Lazarus

NBC Broadcasting and Sports, Chairman

Geir Magnusson Jr.

fuboTV, CTO

Christina Mixon

Mixon Digital, Managing Director

Scott Nardelli

Bexel ESS / NEP Broadcast Services, SVP and GM

Scott Rinehart

University of Notre Dame, Director, Broadcast Technology

Mitch Rosenthal

Riot Games, Head of Production and Operations

Scott Rothenberg

NEP Group, SVP, Technology and Asset Management

Joe Signorino

NEP U.S. Mobile Units, VP, Systems Integration

Don Sperling

New York Giants Entertainment, Executive Producer

Jeremy Strootman

CatDV, VP, Business Development, North America

Pat Sullivan

Game Creek Video, President and Founder

Jason Taubman

Game Creek Video, VP, Design and New Technology

Jeff Volk

Alpha Video, VP

Per von Rosen

Sportradar, Product Manager, Broadcast

Erik Weaver

Western Digital, Global Director, M&E Market Development

Peter Wehner

Mobile TV Group, Director of Engineering

Mike Werteen

NEP Broadcast Services, President

Joseph Wire

Bexel ESS / NEP Broadcast Services, VP, Managed Services and Business Development

Chris Witmayer

NASCAR Productions, Director of Broadcast, Production and New Media Technology