Ken Aagaard

CBS Sports, EVP, Innovation and New Technology

Ken Aagaard was named EVP of innovation and new technology in April 2016, after serving as EVP of engineering, operations, and production services since June 2008. He joined CBS Sports as SVP of operations and production services in January 1998. A 15-time Emmy Award winner, Aagaard is responsible for overseeing operations, engineering, and production management for all field events and the CBS Broadcast Center, including logistics and technical support. In his role, Aagaard oversees these areas for the CBS College Sports Network. He expands his efforts into developing new technology and production enhancements for both CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network.

Those reporting to him include operations, engineering, and production services management, as well as all production managers, field technical managers and engineers, and Broadcast Center operations managers and engineers.

In February 2016, Aagaard expanded on EyeVision technology with EyeVision 360, which added special never-before-seen features to the coverage of Super Bowl 50 with a larger complement of 5K cameras. EyeVision 360 gave viewers a 360˚ perspective and higher resolution than had ever been seen before. In addition, Aagaard oversaw the first use of PylonCam in a Super Bowl. The new technology for Super Bowl 50 won two Sports Emmy Awards: the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award and the Outstanding Technical Team Remote. In January 2001 at Super Bowl XXXV, he was responsible for introducing EyeVision, a new technology showing replays in a three-dimensional way. He also was instrumental in instituting SwingVision, the Emmy Award-winning super-slow motion breakdown of golf swings. Aagaard added two more Emmy Awards for his career with the 3D productions of the 2010 US Open Tennis Championships and PGA TOUR golf technical team. For Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, Aagaard was responsible for the creation and overall operation of “CBS Super Bowl Park at Jackson Square,” which transformed the heart of the historic French Quarter into CBS Corporation’s central broadcast center and home to 15 different shows from nine CBS divisions across multiple platforms. He also introduced the network’s initial use of the high speed Heyeper Zoom camera system, which captured video at 300-500 frames per second (normal 60 fps) and showed images at four times greater than the current high-definition video.

Before joining CBS Sports, Aagaard was president of Creative Broadcast Techniques, established in 1988. He also worked as a consultant to CBS Sports; to NBC for the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Summer Games; to Fox Studios, Los Angeles, for 1995 NFL football; and to HBO for Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour and the Paul Simon Live in Central Park concert. He also served as operations producer for events such as the World Figure Skating Championships (1992-95); Super Bowl Television in Los Angeles (1993), Atlanta (1994), and Miami (1995); World Cup Soccer (1994); the New York City Marathon (1994-95); and the NHL All-Star Game (1994).

Aagaard was vice president of operations and engineering for the Olympics at NBC Sports (1985-88), during the 1988 Olympic Summer Games in Seoul. He also served as VP of operations at NBC Sports (1981-85) and was responsible for operations in NBC’s coverage of Super Bowls, World Series, Wimbledon, French Open Tennis, Golf, NCAA Basketball, NFL Live Studio, Weekend Update Studio, and Sportsworld. In addition, Aagaard was operations producer and manager of sports operations (1979-81) for NBC Sports, broadcast operations manager (1977-79) for the NBC Television Network, and operations director (1969-77) for the NBC Chicago affiliate, WMAQ-TV.

Aagaard is a past chairman of the Sports Video Group (SVG). He now serves as chairman of the SVG Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame and the SVG Broadcasting Fund, a fund that benefits those in need in the sports broadcasting business. He was inducted into the SVG Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in December 2014. Aagaard graduated from the University of Iowa in 1969 with a degree in radio, television, and film, and serves on the advisory board for the University of Iowa's School of Journalism. Aagaard lives in Closter, NJ, with his wife, Emerald Chin, and his five children.

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